When you're working for the police force, you need footwear that will stand up to the rigours of the job. Luckily, we have a range of great boots and shoes that are perfect candidates.


First off, make sure you go for footwear that's durable, flexible and will offer you ample support. If you're going to be in them all day, then you want to be sure they're not going to kill your feet by the end of it.

Also, consider getting boots that are certified to be slip-resistant. If your boots have good traction, you can concentrate on where you're going and how quickly you need to get there, not whether you're going to fall flat on the way.

You may want to keep a lookout for boots that are water-resistant, depending on the conditions where you are, and an energy absorbing heel helps keep you comfortable throughout the day.

There is some debate whether a lace-up or zip-up boot is best. Luckily, we stock boots that have both, so you don't need to decide between them.


Magnum is our premier supplier of uniform boots. From the PANTHER 8.0 to the VIPER PRO 8.0, we have a great choice of safety and non-safety footwear right here at Steel Toe Boots.

PANTHER 8.0 features high ankle support and an easy lace up fastening with a the fast option of a side zip, for when you need to get your boots on or off in a hurry. The steel toe cap is resistant to 200 joules, providing ample protection for your toes, whilst the energy absorbing seat region, helps to minimise the jarring effect of impacts on your joints.

The VIPER PRO 8.0 is a non-safety occupational combat boot ideal for when you require lighter weight protection. the breathable mesh panelling and metal free construction, are ideal for those looking for durability without the heavy feeling of a full safety boot. 

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