When working in high-stress and stringent medical and catering environments, the last thing you want to be worrying about is inappropriate footwear. Luckily, Steel Toe Boots offers a full range of suitable boots and shoes.


Hygiene is your first consideration when it comes to footwear in both the medical and catering industry.

Look out for products that are machine washable and easy to wipe clean, to make sure you adhere to industry standards. Slip-resistant soles are also important in environments where floors are slippy and spillages can occur. If applicable footwear that has toe or metatarsal protection is a good choice to help prevent injury to feet form falling objects or sharps. 

Equally important is comfort. If you're going to be on your feet all day, look out for shoes that feature an energy absorbing heel, which will reduce the impact on your joints. A good amount of cushioning in the interior of the shoe will help to reduce fatigue and aching feet, ideal for long shifts.


Amblers Safety do a great range of footwear suitable for medical and catering environments including boots, shoes, slip-ons and clogs.

AS603C features a comfy slip on design with the protection of a steel toe and breathable nubuck and leather uppers.

A non-slip outole is ideal for those long shift patterns when you're going to be on your feet all day. A dual density PU sole adds to the comfort levels, helping reduce the stress on your feet (if not the stress of the day). 

Feel free to shop the complete range at Steel Toe Boots and you'll be sure to find a great deal.