When you're concentrating on saving lives and reducing property damage, you don't want to be worrying about whether your boots will let you down. Therefore, make sure you choose the right pair for the job.


When tackling indoor blazes, be sure you have a safety toe to protect you from falling debris. Penetration resistant midsoles are also advisable to prevent impaling your feet on sharp or broken objects in the smog of a blaze.

Heat insulation is important, to ensure protection and comfort for feet,from the heat of flames. It's also worthwhile investing in boots with an outsole that features a high heat tolerance, this will help prevent your outsoles form melting or becoming damaged by the intense heat of a blaze.

Waterproofing might also be beneficial when using fire extinguishing equipment like hoses, to prevent water penetrating to the inside of your boots.

Finally, look out for slip-resistant soles, which will help you stay secure on your feet.


Our best choice for fire services safety footwear: Magnum PANTHER 8.0 Safety Boots.

These boots feature a durable leather upper with mesh panels for breathability and flexibility. Lacing up securely they also feature a handy side zip, great for getting them on or off in a hurry, whils the mid calf shaft helps support your ankle where you need it most.

The steel toe cap will help to protect you from falling debris, and the heat and slip -resistant outsole not only protect the soles of your feet from the flames and rising temperatures, but also help keep you steady on your feet when you need it most.

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