In agricultural work, you encounter a lot of hazards. Through heat, cold and rain you're at risk from slips and falls, heavy loads, falling objects, cuts, punctures, chemicals, vehicles and electrostatic buildup. Therefore, you will need footwear that is up to the task.


For general duties, look for safety boots and shoes with protective toe caps. If you're working on vehicles, then slip-resistance is a must. If you're likely to be in muddy conditions then Wellington boots with a penetration-resistant midsole is advisable as sharp objects can have a nasty habit of becoming submerged in mud.

Also, keep a lookout for other great safety features. Footwear labelled WRU has a water-resistant upper, whereas WR is fully water-resistant. For early winter mornings look at footwear classified CI for cold insulation, perfect for making the freezing cold a little more bearable.

Finally, if you're after basic non-safety wellington boots then we stock a great range, and if this doesn't quite meet your waterproofing requirements, we also offer thigh and chest waders. Ideal if you're likely to be working in irrigation ditches, ponds or streams.


Dunlop is the premier supplier of Wellington boots, and they offer a range of both safety and non-safety wellies.

From the PUROFORT collection which conforms to the basic requirements of occupational footwear. With Non-Slip soles and fuel oil resistant outsoles they offer lightweight protection without the added bulk of a safety toecap.

The DEVON features
S5 SRA protection with waterproof and leak-proof properties, with the added benefit of a steel toecap (resistant to 200 Joule Impact) and a penetration resistant midsole.

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