When you're working in construction, wearing the right safety footwear onsite is essential. So, we offer a wide range of lace-up leather safety boots perfect for any situation. 


Make sure you get footwear with a steel or composite toecap that can withstand a 200-joule impact - boots that conform to EN ISO 20345:2011 safety standards always come with one.

If there is a risk that you could tread on a nail or sharp object in the course of your work, look for boots with midsole penetration resistance. Also recommended are boots that prevent anti-static build-up or fuel oil slippage.

If you want a boot that does all of the above, look for an S3-rated boot. It has all of the safety features mentioned above, plus a cleated sole that will help you stay secure on your feet.

Not all sites will let you wear pull-on rigger boots, since they offer less ankle support. However, if you are taking licensed asbestos work within an enclosure, they could be your best option.


Our bestselling safety boots brand is Amblers Safety. With over thirty years of industry experience, Amblers offers a wide range of safety footwear, including many products suitable for construction work.

The FS996 is perfect for a long days graft. This metal free digging boot comes with
S3 WR HRO SRC protection and conforms to EN ISO 20345:2011 Safety Standards. With a breathable membrane, these boots will keep for feet comfy throughout the day no matter how strenuous the job. The the internal digging plate offers extra strength in the midsole, perfect for driving a shovel head home, into the ground.

The FS994 features mid calf support as well as S3 protection along with waterproofing and added metatarsal protection. Antistatic and oil resistant, this boot is ideal for the tough environment of the construction site.

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