Blundstone is a world-renowned footwear manufacturer hailing from Tasmania, Australia. The brand is well-known for its comfortable and durable boots, so it's natural that they should venture into safety footwear. Exclusively concentrating on dealer and Chelsea boots, Blundstone has carved out a distinctive niche in the safety industry. If you're after a rugged slip-on safety boot, then you can't go wrong with a pair of Blundstones.


The 192 Dealer Boots in Stout Brown are Blundstone's flagship safety boots. The upper is made of stout brown leather, hardy enough to take whatever you can throw at it. It's a pull-on dealer boot, making it easy to take on and off. The sturdy TPU/PU outsole is heat-resistant up to 60° Celsius and is also resistant to hydrolysis and microbial attacks. The safety toecap is certified to EU safety standards.


The 192 Dealer Boots feature a steel shank, which helps keep the foot stable, and the ergonomically-engineered toe spring reduces fatigue during wear. They are also resistant to oil, acid, and organic fat. There is a breathable leather/synthetic lining and a comfortable removable EVA footbed, perfect for people on their feet all day. The 192 Dealer boots are a fantastic choice for a variety of workplaces.