Safety Footwear

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Back To School – Back To Work

By Carla Chivers It’s the two week countdown until schools re-open, kids go back, and routines get back to normal. Sooner or later this means updating the uniform, shoes, bags, stationary and whatever else the little ones need but why should they get all these new belongings when you’re still using the same 5 year old boots day in day out. Fair enough, it’s a good thing if they have lasted but remember that feeling when you go back into work with a fresh pair of boots or new set... Read More

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Protect Yourself From Kids This Summer

By Carla Chivers   Are you prepared for the scariest time of the year? No, I’m not talking about Halloween, I’m talking about summer. The time when schools give you back full responsibility of your children and you have all day every day to spend with them. That can only mean one thing… Danger. We all know kids are liable to be ‘clumsy’ or might just ‘accidentally’ throw Lego at you, so that’s where we come. Here at, we have everything you need to stay protected this summer time,... Read More

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5 Things Dad’s THINK They’re Good At.

  By Monica Pancholi.   To be honest with you, I find it super difficult to pick a gift that my dad will really appreciate. I always end up with the cliché socks and a tie and of course, year after year I receive the look of ‘aw thanks, what a great pair of socks…again’. So this year, (believe it or not) I actually thought to myself, what will my dad want to receive? I began to think about practical things which would be of use to him rather than... Read More

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Stay Protected This Valentine’s Day

By Monica Pancholi. Whether things are heating up this Valentine’s Day or cool down, we all know how imperative it is to stay protected and safe over this romantic (or not so romantic) weekend. For some of you, February 14th is going to be filled with epic fun making, activities and love with the special woman in your life. You may be treating your wife to a romantic weekend away or a girlfriend to an evening she’ll never forget. But for the rest of you, your Valentine’s weekend may sound something... Read More